my life

i was born it was perfect
when i was a child it was perfect
when i grew up i was bullied
i had no friends beside me

how can you live like this
you grow up your bad at school
what can you do
why do i deserve a life like this

once i had friends
i enjoyed my life
once i had a girlfriend
my life was perfect

but perfect does not exist
its only just a dream
i left my girlfriend
i hated my life

a best friend beside me
thats what i need
not a person from long distance
who only help me

i need a hand on my shoulder
i need some one to fill the hole
someone to cry with when i need
someone that i can hug

my friends are leaving me
the distance is to far
i cant bring them back
to the place in my heart
where they belong

i can't enjoy myself anymore
crazy is what i become
look me now i hate my life
how can i take my life back

my life wasn't great
my life wasn't perfect
my life is not what i wanted
my life will ever end

© Copyright k'yanni

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