Ghosts from my past

Can i find my way back to me or who i used to be ,
do i know still know her or is she gone .
For now i'm not even a shadow of myself ,
just an image of the ghosts from my past .

Pushing everybody away that comes to close
how can i live like that , how can i go on
i don't know much anymore and i wanna love
but the sadness and sorrow are taking over ,

Those feelings are so strong that i fear
that i will never love again the way i should love ,
I'm shattered and broken , many words unspoken ,

i hope you find it in your heart
to have the patience and find every part
of who i was and who i could be when this illness is gone
maybe then you will see who i am and where i belong

To inish .. :'( still love you

© Copyright broken dark one

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Over dit gedicht

ik heb dit gedicht geschreven voor de vriend die ik nu heb , we hebben een moeilijke relatie aangezien ik zwaar depressief ben en ik voel dat ik hem aan het verliezen ben daardoor


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