You are only in my dream

Sitting in the dark
wondering where you are
Just to think,we will never see
each other again,
teardrops flowing
my heart is in pain
Asking myself...who is to blame
me ,you or being just a human
with full of desires,that we can´t denied
I wish I could touch you once more
and to hear you saying
I will not let you go
you are so precious to me
like the last time you have told me

now it is only in my dream.......

I dont want you to see my tears
the reason i did´nt say goodbye
I just want to treasure
the unforhetable memories we shared

I wish I could hear your voice
for the last time
but, I knew then ,it was only the word goodbye
and I dont want to face the truth
still wondering,was it the word goodbye......

now you are only in my dream...

© Copyright sweetypie

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