Her tears hit my shirt like bullets
How can I tell her she should live her life to the fullest
When all she is going through is pain
And everyday, a powerless feeling runs through every vain
How can I tell her what to do or what to leave
I see another tear drop down on my sleeve
I whipe away her tears and tell her she should remain strong
But I'm just a little boy compared to her, how can I tell her what is right or wrong?
I tell her that she should do what she thinks is right
But how can I solve her fight and bring a spark to her light
Tears keep filling up her eyes and I tell her it is good to let it all out of there
So much fear in her heart, I hope that she is aware
Of all the pain he can put her through as time goes by
Dear Father up in heaven, spread my mommy's wings and learn her how to fly

© Copyright JorisBasketbal

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