All i want is you

All I'm feeling,
is sorrow and grief.
Nothing to hear from you,
I cannot believe.

I didn't know,
I could love somebody.
So deeply, so madly,
as I love you.

You get one chance,
for one good live.
No mather what it takes,
happijness is a strife.

The key to unlock doors.
The gate to my heart.
The door to my soul.
All I want is a start.

Right here, right now.
I'm on fire,
and full of desire.
Can't you see I miss you deeply?

So much more to tell,
so much more to give.
I want to break free.
Unchained so I can live.

A live fulfilled
with love and glory.
Growing old together,
that's quite a story.

Nothing more to tell,
nothing more to see.
The only thing I want,
is a live for you and me.

© Copyright Verwijderde gebruiker

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All Want You