what i want

when i was young,
i used to dream the hole day.
but you said that i need to
push my dreams away.

It was the only dream i believe in
so what ever you will say
i'll will always dream,
where i believe in.

no matter what you say
i will always hold on
to that dream that i believe in
cause it makes me so strong
and no matter what you do
i will never stop
cuase believing in that dream
is the thing i've got.

and my dream
is gonna come true
like the windows in my room
I see the bleu sky
and my dream will always go on
even of it's just inside my heart
that's what makes me strong

I know that you could
never change
what i want to be,
Cause i know that makes myself me
and i've always looked up to the sky
when i was feeling down
cause there are the stars
who will always let me shine.
There i found
the hope i need
the faith i want.

i always know
better than anyone else
the path i should go
And i've always know what i want to do
i just need to believe
and always push trough

© Copyright Rich~

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