I never forget when i saw you for the first time, when i saw your sweat face,
you gave me a change to care for you, love you, and give you a save and nice place.

But i never knew,
the time would come so quickly that i’ll be losing you.

That i could care so much for someone in such a short time, i never would have guessed so,
but now is the time i have to let you go.,

So young, so sweat and so brave despite a bad start,
you will always have a special place in my heart.

I ‘ve cherished my time with you and i’m glad i’ve stayed with you till the end,
Now it’s goodbye, rest in peace my little brave friend…

Charlie 15-05-2009 – 28-09-2009

© Copyright marianne biesma

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marianne biesma

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Dit gedicht is voor mijn overleden katertje Charlie. Hij is overleden door de kattenziekte "F.I.P."


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