Let it linger

I´m looking at the ring on my finger
Shining into my eyes like it should mean something
I know I´m gonna let it linger
For to me it doesnt mean a thing

People always say you´re only lonely
When I´m alone and no one near me
But the truth is I am so lonely
Because he´s married to me

I often stand in the middle of my living room
In my mind heading towards my doom
He´s not anywhere near to comfort me
So I let it linger into the nothingness that is me

Time is standing still and racing fast
I´m building my fort to make it last
The stillness is like a thorn
Of a rose that I once had worn

In a minute of regret I close my eyes
I see the thruth in all the lies
For I know where I´m headed with this ring on my finger
And I sit still and let it linger

© Copyright Esmeralde

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