Forever love

Everything is the same
but it all feels different
I remember when I used to know
that I was safe next to you

You were the ground
that I used to stand on
If I walk away, I’m scared
That I’ll never see you again

Now the familiar is gone
and I’m trying to hold on
But I’m fighting for a memory
You already seems to forget

I have been trying to resist it
trying to keep it at a distance
And all I want is to fall in deeper
Than I have ever been

Cause letting go of you
feels like I am letting go of me
Without you here I won’t know
who I am or who to be

How can you stand so damn close
and feel like you are World away
I am standing in the same place
And want you to stay

You are Like a lighthouse
You Shine so bright
Through the dark
for the both of us

Dont leave me here
All by myself
Just give me your hand
And knows this will forever stand

More than a friendship
A forever love
Far away, but Always deep in my heart
You need to know, I am forever Yours

© Copyright Mb

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