2018, thank you

Dear 2018

Alles wat ik je wil zeggen is, dank je wel
Thank you, for making me go through hell

I’ve had a lot of pain from all kind of sources
But I’m stronger now and I’m going to fight and this time with any pauses

The door to my heart has been open many times these past few years
And its finally time to close it without any fears

A few months ago, I had lost every hope in this life
Not thinking about the consequences I also almost became a wife

I’ve let people threaten me so badly that all I could do was to cry
And I’ve wondered so many nights why

Why did they break my heart so many times?
And how could I miss all of God signs?

But it doesn’t matter anymore
Because it’s my broken heart now that I adore

© Copyright Dichtbaby

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