Honestly Danny

Words are spoken
But clear it is not
We keep on looking
But we still don't know what we got

Honestly I think you are not even admitting it to yourself
Honestly I think you feel so much more than you are saying
Words lie, actions don't
What you do can't be explaned

Maybe one day
One day far away
I will get to know you
Because honestly I don't think right now I do

Maybe I won't ever get to know you
And this will end very soon
Maybe I get to live a life without you
Honestly every night I say a prayer

You give me happiness
You give me tears
What do I give you my dear?

Sometimes I think of leaving
Throwing in the towel before I bleed to death
But before I can do that
You make me keep on walking this path

Questions are asked
But never answered
Messages were send
But never honest

Honestly my heart still feels that you're the guy
The guy i was suppose to be with
That meeting you, working for you, was all meant to be
Because, honestly, you and me fit

You are the dark cloud
You are the rain
You are the sunshine
You are the rainbow in the middle of the day

Honestly I just want to know
I want to know what you really feel
I want to know what it is you really want
Honestly, Danny, for real

© Copyright Esmeralde

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