fighting with thoughts

What is this darkness in my head?
Why am I feeling so upset?
Can anybody please explain,
why I am feeling so much pain?
Thoughts are taking over my mind.
And no logic is there to find.
Just a footstep away from what I'm hiding for.
Why isn't it easy? Why can't I be sure?
Is it to much to handle, is there to much to fear?
Where's the solution? Or why can't I come near?

My head is a mess and exploding inside.
It won't take long till it gets hard for me to hide.
I need to run, to a place to catch my breath.
I need to be fixed, or my thoughts will be my death.

Just take the damn step and don't be afraid.
It's about you, move on and have faith.

© Copyright Rosa B.

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Rosa B.

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De dagenlijkse gedachten die door mijn hoofd stromen op een dag. Door het in een gedicht te zetten kon ik goed uiten hoe ik me voel en dat helpt mij.


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